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Apart from cleverly oversee the exciting and persecute karambolszcénákat dull patchwork Conflicts (Collide), Ben Kingsley, which might be worth something.

              Sully - Miracle on the Hudson River
              Steven Spielberg
              WHITE extremes afflicted exhibition Daniel Ragussis: Imperium

The collision Creative Assembly have looked something like this: "Boys, we got a lot of beautiful luxury car to smithereens what should a few days: Cologne, and two actors legend. Write story they had something around, I beg you! "And it came to pass. The collision scene to chase one another on the back of a huge landing cars, which sometimes dramatic, character, dialogue interrupted by moments. And it is Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley.

Unfortunately the former seems thoroughly lost our way in this film: it invented, and the audience raised megszerettetett, terribly evil psychopath túlművelt also converts umpteenth time, although it might be a different kind of fim antagonist would have required. This time, Hopkins is too theatrical, too neoclassic kifityeg the szüzséből as an actor (even in the role of ethnic Germans was brought up in England to be somewhat explained by armored British accent), but it was not Ben Kingsley. The old Gandhi's genius even in this role by also bekokainozott brain Hadar, Turkish gengszterfigurájáért almost worth it to pay otherwise be spent on better mozijiegyet purposes. There are no small roles, only small actors.

Speaking of small actor: the film's protagonist, Casey (Nicholas Hoult) despite facing multiple times next to the camera with beautiful azure eyes, up close in all, from a sudden we no more know that because it is different from this character because of the many hundreds like him, love suddenly right track repeat, petty, but romantically bűnözőtől heart of gold. Because certainly a very well-read, really frantic detour original motivation of love "just one more crime because of the money, but then I finished, it's over, I swear" trope recycling act. You can also tap a truck carrying drugs from one buddy, you tip the quasi-főnöküktől, Gerantól (Kingsley) receive. However Geran motivations are obvious: hübriszből reduced but a very big boss Hagen Kahl (Hopkins) fortune, if we did not want to share it with him when he asked nicely. Kahllal cicázni not, however, steals the protagonist's girlfriend, Juliette (Felicity Jones), while taking a few hostages first name too obvious Shakespearean comment. But why all this takes place in Cologne? To do this, we probably should have been to such a creative meeting there, because around the dome composed a couple of cuts with drónos alone does not justify it.

One thing interesting, however, because of the film itself outside of the context: the title and some of the film's subtitles - at least for the Romanian distribution Kopi - not the original language, but also appeared in Romanian. And here begins felsejleni a few positive aspects of digital filmmaking: pixels gobble just the same, but there are only a few clicks away to localize more and more - geographically, culturally, no matter how - the content. But here it is a step in the market is dependent on Censorship: We changed because of China's film as well. If you do not get the plot is essentially the manner and amount of touch, but just a different movie from country to country, there will have been only sanctioned version of a film. This would be particularly wrong, but if something happens to the naked seeded profit maximization - and that the vast majority of the decisions of such Hollywood - in the long term is rarely used to be beneficial to the storytelling (of course, had been a short-term counter-examples).

Apart from cleverly oversee the exciting and persecute karambolszcénákat dull patchwork of impact, which is very important not only to a dozen, while it is a part missing in the accounts.

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Sully - Miracle on the Hudson River

Online filmek - The above is the best animated film in 2016, is considered the most popular screen A New York Pilota sziveben letette a repulogepet, a Hudson folyo vizere fagyos. Ez TENY. A kerdes az, hogy eleteket HOS mento, vagy inkabb pasas alkalmatlan hivatasara Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger?

A faradhatatlan filmje legutobbi Clint Eastwood, az Amerikai Talan mesterlovesz legsikeresebb egy rendezese palya sikeres kulonlegesen volt, 6 Oscar-dijra jeloltek, meg egy aranyszobrot is nyert, és a kozonseg is a szivebe zarta. Most ujabb egy, megtortent eseten alapulo tortenet, a Tom Hanks-szel foszerepben és kulonlegesnek izgalmasnak igerkezik Ismet.

Foszereplok: Tom Hanks, Laura Linney, Aaron Eckhart, Anna Gun.
Fenykepezte: Tom Stern. Latvany: James J. Murakami.
IRTA: Chesley Sullenberger, Jeffey Zaslow, Todd Komarnicki.
Rendezte: Clint Eastwood.

2009 telen az egy csoda vilag lazaban egesz egett: egy kivalo Pilota, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) meghibasodott sziveben repulogepevel ​​New York, a Hudson folyo vizere fagyos szallt le, 155 és utasa megmentette eletet IGY. Mikozben a vilag hoskent referring unnepelte a kapitanyt, és a ugyessegerol kiveteles hiradasok és mind lelekjelenleterol szoltak, vizsgalat indult. Soran vizsgalat feny amire és a derult, nem az a Pilota megbecsuleset szolgalta egyaltalan. Fever, azzal fenyegetett, hogy nem vezethet tobbe repulogepet SOHA ...

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Steven Spielberg: The BFG / a friendly giant

The friendly giant with a huge mix: the atmosphere is sometimes reminiscent of the Harry Potter film world, the city streets and the giant cave of the great Doboztrollok bunker is comparable, the little girl could Matilda twin, the film's main idea is like the Beast Co.'s, inside: here one night visitors "monster" gives something to the sleeping children, do not collect them into something. It is a pity that at the end of the movie in 3D glasses busy handling a child is very vaguely says "Meh was good," the parents did not want to think that the price of a movie ticket would be able to take some ice cream too.

                 WHITE extremes afflicted exhibition Daniel Ragussis
                 The wood for the trees
                 Central Intelligence film criticism

Steven Spielberg in 2011, was first experimented with in the world of animated film, the result is the Uncanny Valley phenomenon has been adduced as examples of fat Tintin's adventures (The Adventures of Tintin). The friendly giant provided it is clear that the healing sleeved aliens, the Indiana Jones stories and the revival of dinosaurs master regeteget learned in the past five years, CGI aesthetics (computer-generated fantasy figurines in less disruptive than, say, Tintinben), but not haragudnánk slowly if you forget this cinematic tale line.

An animated film will really valuable if you can use it to scratch builds: this is the only film genre in which the creative freedom and imagination nothing to discourage, the film can own up to the elementary physical experience of all the laws of disregard world. If the world has its own laws and logic of dynamic operation, no more, which would prevent sniff itself, we accept the unusual - perhaps even repulsive-looking - figures and locations as well. We excused the story clumsiness, the dialogs primness, even the sketchy character drawings, if the existing features are subject to those laws in specific. The friendly giants it is this freewheeling and physics of our existence limitations devastating fantasy is missing - the world of the giants spat like the humans except that each is a bit oversized in it - so there is no excuse for the absence of a boring story, the excitement and tension, in addition to the title character of a plane, rough figures.

The protagonist lives Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) orphanage, suffering from insomnia, you might say, although it really is not too concerned about that morning around rather putter in the house like that little fellow with the righteous dream asleep. Due to a random sees a giant (Mark Rylance), who sneaks into the city - which in turn is afraid that the girl lebuktathatja, so felnyalábolja and runs off with her giant country. Soon it turns out that the whole country of just nine inhabitants beyond his control: all the dumb, violent and cannibalistic, moreover, are much larger and more primitive than the gyümölcstrutyin live, friendly creatures (? Carnivore vs. veggie - something teacher tale wants may be) who where Sutty seven-league stride teenager racing, where a tottering old man toddled up the mountain or cave. Of course, the very sharp hearing imaginary friend very little giant sympathetic ear paddle moves like a humanoid Pets clumsy (both) of society and constantly tripping over his tongue, making speech unintelligible approaching something cute. Others patiently bear mockery and humiliation, it also has a great remorse also a secret passion, and I immediately know that by the end of the movie somehow to convince the oppressed good over evil snoring under the grass carpet.

A lot of unanswered questions and logical snag, and somehow hiding among this young audience is mandatory pressed abdominal beauty with some humor in the film. This is pretty much all that is related to dreams. Who has not played in childhood with the idea that the reflected image of the world's water may be another sacrosanct imprint on the world, and that would be derived from smiling or terrible dreams? (The supplier of the film really could bring even more beautiful every night, so why nyomorít sometimes you nightmares? - No, yes, some issues related to dreams hanging in the air ...)

Fortunately, the film does not want every bit to take himself seriously in the world of adults drawn childlike imagination (almost insultingly simplistic) little humor for adults is mixed (see. When Elizabeth cut through the mix by phone Boris and Nancy), but the funny scenes somewhat corrected by the story of the live actors and CGI-nations clash in a final punch ken down.

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WHITE extremes afflicted exhibition Daniel Ragussis: Imperium

Imperium no stranger to tell a story, but something new to say about the waste of neo-Nazis.
The George Washington University research program dealing with extreme movements in the United States, according to the latest surveys of active white nationalists and neo-Nazi supporters number of Twitter since 2012 600 per cent, that is 22 thousand people increased. The supremacy admirers popular theme of "white genocide", according to the white race in imminent danger due to the diversification of society. The results of the survey were published after the film was premiered Daniel Ragussis Imperium, and this is very much subject to tighten the fact that the director's debut disgustingly current.

Imperium is a true story of an FBI agent who is superior neonáciként racialists built into the network, making sure the details of the terrorist potential. The idealist, educated, sharp-witted, but terrain inexperienced Nate Foster (Daniel Radcliffe) and náciságból signal line vizsgázva will present itself in the blood boiling white hate milieu, and quickly began his spectacular tour of the racist lózungok and swinging arms stale jungle.

This story is not unheard of, is not a new topic, but fortunately the Ragussis Romper Stomper, American History X, and the infidels (The Believer), psychological drama territories represents only the minimum circle. During the Imperium as a flash of it we run the obligatory scene in which a mentally leharcolt and deformed agent must be borne in mind that what is mission objective, but Ragussis not asks how shit it takes place, that someone surrenders to this silly empire. Imperium educational basis provoking skinny paranoia thriller, in which the kingdom is revealed. Nate meets through tinder, disorganized and only able to pofázásra aggressive booted skinheads on the self-proclaimed more organized looking Aryan soldiers sickening religious hóbortjukban crosses burning clan dragons, a racist radio celebbel, and even a ridiculously idyllic family also runs into people who served in garden party at their swastika decorated cookies. The latter sounds a barbecue this weekend to film most brutal hate speech (which is more a sentence), in which the ruthless is not the text itself (of course it is), but to say it.

The Imperium of the white extremists brainwashed wretch Jain exhibition of the specimens are exhibited - individually and together - in their stupidity is frightening. Not just because things are made against the evil "threatening them sáremberek", but because they start from a suspect too quickly accepted Nate period. The agent is really sitty-Sutty the kebelükre cover the extremists, and this is not only interfere with the suspicious soldier, but the spectators as well as the film's first half with plenty of time handling - or rather the passage of time jelöletlensége - Due to difficult to understand why Nate also spent much time that entrench the Nazi filth. Big Poppy, when this turns out, there is still much to act out the accumulated cognitive dissonance elveszettebb members of the audience will be able hessegetni. regardless of all this sneaking a look, pop-up during a parade Ragussis old film - and black - longa familiar words in a bag, a random visit to his home in the agent is able to work around swinging tűnhetetlen paranoia nagyjeleneteivé become explosive.

However, to the gravity of the threat facing the feel, not quite cheated in the 1988 (Betrayed), by Costa-Gavras work dubious quotation clever story telling. As for nácitematikát processing sub-genres of film, it is also Imperiumnál stands or falls on the work of the main actors shaping color sense (and of course by the actors). Nazi authentic deepening, as a man because ballast to play, hard work, but at least rewarding. Daniel Radcliffe on his back and carry the movie, subtle transformation, not nearly loud process. Every move in there echoes the mission of murderous nature of the mind. Tackles the external and internal problems, obstacles, and while showing signs of a meaningful telltale flash of panic. Detailed, intense, prepared for shaping it, then referred to as the best so far, and hopefully in the future of his ilk to Russell Crowe's great films, Edward Norton and Ryan Gosling side.

Harry Potter is not the memory of erasure, elfeledtetését serve - despite the fact that many people are unable to jump off this gondolatmenetről. Radcliffe is an actor who assume roles after Harry Potter (as well), he sees a challenge. As any self-respecting actor makes. Not trying to do, but doing it. His credibility is shaping Nate Foster, knife edge, became frail figure who can see through the eyes of what Ragussis want to be seen. We are currently looking for direction is not good for our enemies, because they do not have to look for us here.

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The wood for the trees ... Rob Marshall: Into the Woods / Vadregény

 The classic fairy tales into each other szövésére Vadregény even the musicals based on less exciting for business appraisers would be for the second half in a torture-quality strengthen even more, how misunderstood the material today in folk tales (Grimm brothers collection belongs to, or other).

         Central Intelligence film criticism
       CAPA Penzes filmkritika: Az igazsag nyomaban

"If a start to a Royal marriage cipellőt pulled up, but it does not fit into your feet, lábujjad or the nyisszantsd down to the heel, and smile to see if not you lose." Again, aneedlessly cruel, optional excerpt or outdated, 21. köszönőviszonyt-century lives nor nurse turns, now the Hamupipőkéből, the agyonféltő mothers of children or the State of the art fanyalgók chorus sure think so. Although the number of plastic surgeries or psychological caused by browsing a list of relationship break-offs still seems quite modern indeed ageless in the above scene. And that was just a mainstream musical (film) agrees to enter the interesting processing cell. Then, unfortunatelycomein the second act itself crash events and all the things that had until then.

Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's were introduced in 1987, the musicaljét alsoperformed on Broadway, was also staged in Budapest in 2014. Rob Marshall (Chicago) an adaptation of some small installments is different from the original, but these changes do not affect the final impression. The tales of dense forest, where anything can happen (but most of the momentous and edifying encounters they used to), the little Red Riding 
Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Stratan characters and motivations are generated. This megtoldották the authors a childless házaspárral, the presentation is a myriad of subjects became the rite of parent-child links to the párválasztásig. These qualities of the Golden lamb related issues definitely analysts work and 

complex conscious approach, thrilling the dramaturgical arc. The szöveghűség is notmentioned in the quoted kulcsmondatokban up Word-for-Word, but feel free to transfer such as little Red Riding Hood's sexual áthallásait or the gory details. However, as later it is proven, it could very well be working, not the psychoanalytic approachwhich reflects the deep and savvy meseismeretét, but also the famous/infamous koncepcióformáló mesekutató authority, Bruno Bettelheim.

The focus and inspiration in the first half of the movie specifically to strengthen. The creators also very nice and consistent experience. Although the dramaturgián sometimes bleeds through the last stage, but since we are talking about a film where the actors from time to time in their career, so much artifice yet forgivable. Not to mention that the desires, fears, and many of the actors singing lessons summary A-list mozicsillag (Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt), who own quite tiszteletreméltóanin the dalbetéteket-out skilfully, who gracefully out of a good dose of self-irony, who all told irritatingly, but quite correct. Now, of coursea little more difficult, when the actor himself into the role, as we see it is in their own manírjaiba sokadjára toll ofDepp.

Reaching the end of a collective happy then you will begin to become a revizionistább felütésű finálénak, jelenetsor sehogysem, which is disguised as would come to an end. In fact it turns out that this is only half of the movie was, and by the time they are made, even clumsy didaktikussággal torkunkon press the "new" ideas, such asthe need to face the consequences of irresponsible wishes, or to exploit what a force. Almost see as Bettelheimet the corner cut by two authors (and by Marshall) felrikoltott, that they are now and then helyreteszik the ábrándokat misleading, falsenutritious tales.

Actually, giveaway, how to lose a lot in the second half of the movie. In the past, thelarge dialógusokból roughly hanging out tanulságnak megágyazó, motivation-tinting phrases in suta bárgyúsága win. For hundreds of years and generations of powerby being distilled in a stream of tales, unable to compete with a superficially Alec and fullasztóan resulting from forced cautionary tale. Here is not the problem, that the authors of the tales of other organisational potential of single processing also gone further and wanted turbózni the piece, but to their poverty. To point out that at present, neither they nor the majority of the public does not know too much népmesét.In fact, far from such archaic stories do not claim, for examplethat every Blonde should go, but interacts in his talk about how to choose a good party, talk about nefarious hősnőkről hercegekről, as well as proactive, countless human contact, conflictissue.